This is your last chance to join the nUSD Airdrop!

Dear Havven community member,

We are currently running an airdrop of our stablecoin, nUSD, for all HAV holders who hold at least 25 HAV in their wallet.

The airdrop was initially scheduled to finish on June 26, but HAVVEN decided to extend the entry window for an extra three days to allow us to reach out to entrants who did not yet hold at least 25 HAV. The airdrop now closes June 29 (00:00 UTC). There are more details around the airdrop here.

How to join

If you currently hold at least 25 HAV, you can join on airdrop page here.

If you do not own enough HAV, you can buy some more on one of the exchanges HAVVEN is currently listed on—see the list of links here.

If you have any questions, please ask their friendly community moderators in Telegram.

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