Qompass AirDrop campaign


Qompass is a new generation secured block chain designed for high speed transactions to update traditional financials markets, using easy to implement Smart contracts with Artificial intelligence capability.
At its core Qompass will provide a rich ecosystem of API protocols and applications to drive financial and capital markets on a global scale.


They are airdropping 500,000QPS (400,000USD) to the community. Register now by using bot at https://goo.gl/iQPueZ to receive 10 QPS tokens + 5 QPS tokens for every referral that you bring to their community!

Form Guide

Submit your details to be eligible for the airdrop and join channel to get 10 QPS Token! A unique referral link will be given to you after you complete this submission.

Use a link to invite your friends and get an extra 5 QPS tokens per friend referred!

1. Join Telegram Group
2. Follow them on Twitter and Submit your Twitter Username: Type /Twitter
3. To Submit ETH address: Type /address
4. To get Referral Message: Type /forward
5. To Check Your Balance: Type /balance

Estimated Value

More than $8

Link to AirDrop


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