PreVUE Airdrop

Blockchain, a blockchain ticketing platform, announced that it’s doing a special Airdrop DashBid Media Inc, the company behind PreVUE Blockchain, is a proven long-term player in the programmatic advertising space. Since September of 2013, DashBid has generated over $70,000,000 of advertising revenue. Their existing team all led and drove this growth and success and are key drivers of the evolution of PreVUE Blockchain.

A proven team determined to succeed.

PreVUE Blockchain announced that it’s doing a special Airdrop Campaign for all of the users added to their Telegram group and social channels. This is another step towards growing and giving back to their community in the form of  8,000,000 SDA tokens.

Below we describe how to join the Airdrop Program, the details of SDA Tokens and how the participants can expect to receive the SDA Tokens.

What are SDA Tokens?

PreVUE Blockchain will utilize the Safe Digital Advertising (SDA) token as the means of the transaction for Advertisers, Publishers, and Viewers in the advertising ecosystem.

What is the SDA Airdrop Campaign?

As a gift to the community, PreVUE Blockchain has decided to Airdrop 8,000,000 SDA tokens to the existing and future community members.

How do I Participate in the Airdrop?

Start here with the PreVue Telegram Airdrop campaign and speak to our Telegram Bot:

The Telegram BOT will ask you to perform the following steps:

Step 1:  Join PreVUE Blockchain Telegram Group Blockchain [Earn: 40 SDA]

Step 2. Follow Stay updated on the PreVUE Airdrop details [Earn: 40 SDA]

Step 3. Like and follow PreVUE Facebook: [Earn: 40 SDA]

Step 5. Submit your ETH wallet address to receive the SDA tokens.

Step 4. Share the Airdrop Post on all your social media accounts.

Note: Please follow all the steps suggested by the Airdrop BOT and do not paste your ETH wallet address in the Telegram Group/ Chat.

Bonus SDA Tokens:

Submit all of your details to become eligible for the SDA Airdrop and get 100 SDA tokens (join the TG channel get 50 SDA, join Twitter get 50 SDA and Facebook 20 SDA(optional))

A unique referral link will be generated for you after completing this submission. If you invite your friends to the Airdrop, you will Receive 40 extra SDA Tokens per friend that you refer!

Who is Eligible for the Airdrop?

Everyone is Eligible! Just as long as you complete the above steps. All current community members are eligible for the Airdrop for the referral bonus as well as new members will get an Airdrop for joining the Telegram.

When will I receive the SDA Tokens?

All bounty Payments will be Issued after End of our crowdsale to your respective ETH Wallet address submitted to the BOT during the Airdrop program.

Please note: Do not provide an exchange address. The Airdropped SDA Can only be sent to a MEW Wallet ( or a Hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger.

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