Pointium AirDrop

Pointium is the global decentralized platform for point management and loyalty program. Pointium will target the $300B point/loyalty market around the world! For more information, please visit our offical website: https://www.pointium.org/.

Pre-sale🌟🌟 Pointium AirDrop EVENT has finally started!!!

🤹 More details can be found on the EVENT link👇

➡️AirDrop EVENT: pointium.org/airdrop

1. You can first Join the Official Pointium Telegram group

3. Join Telegram Airdrop bot

  1. Start the bot (may be slow)
  2. Join Telegram @Pointium and click “Join Airdrop” (+500 PNT)
  3. Enter your e-mail (+200 PNT)
  4. Follow Twitter and submit your username (+500 PNT)
  5. Confirm your details

➡️Pointium link: The pre-sale token 20% bonus is due on April 29(13:00 UTC).

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