Barrel’s airdrop program

Welcome to Barrel’s airdrop program!
Join and earn 20 BRN for each friend you invite, up to 100$ worth of tokens
*max 100 invites per user

What is Barrel

GDPR Compliance Solved!
Barrel protocol helps companies in the $600B alternative data market buy, sell and analyze their user data with the all-in-one compliance solution

In Marc Andreessen book Why Software Is eating the world, ‘software’ means ‘data and algorithms’. Data is the currency. By leveraging Zero-knowledge Proof, K-Anonymity methods Barrel intends to be the container for GDPR Compliant data. In a world that regularly abuses consumer data, Barrel protocol converts data into Barrels of clean data.

Barrel uses a proprietary Proof of Anonymization model.  Leveraging K-Anonymity methods, proprietary address obfuscation techniques Refiners are empowered to anonymize blocks of data based on consensus driven protocols, and nodes can then verify the anonymity and seal the block.  Chunks of data are converted to digital commodities with set properties, scoring, labeling.

Barrel intends to be the currency of choice of all B2B data transactions. To provide a consensus-driven protocol for refining data – removing all PII while maintaining its commercial value.

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