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Welcome to the BitLumens Community!

Our digital platform aims at offering distributed, managed by consensus and off grid smart energy solutions in low resource households.

Bitlumens GmbH is registered and incorporated in Zug, Switzerland

Only trust those with the ‘admin’ tag

No one from the BitLumens team or PowerLaunch will send you a private message containing contribution address or offering any bonus. Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate admins and send private messages with fake ETH address.

News & Media:
Check out this Video from one of the panel Ceraweek:
Bitlumens in April:³-and-earthx-in-april-7595a2b516b9

Airdrop & Bounty:
BitcoinTalk Bounty Thread:
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Key Dates:

Pre-sale dates
26/5/2018 – 30/5/2018

Token sale dates
01/6/2018 – 28/6/2018

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